Feburary 2018

The possible future of PasVulkan on macOS/iOS

Current news:

Valve, LunarG, and The Brenwill Workshop join forces with Khronos to release open source SDKs and runtime libraries; Khronos Portability Initiative defines subset of Vulkan 1.0 portable to macOS and iOS
So it seems, that I could make PasVulkan maybe also compatible for macOS/iOS in the near future now, with that new Vulkan portability subset. which is another reason for the PasVulkan GUI subframework as a future cross-platform VCL/LCL/FireMonkey UI framework alternative (including Windows, Linux, Android, and so on), even if without a RAD WYSIWYG UI editor, at least for the first time, because the PasVulkan GUI subframework is rather modelled after the Java Swing & Android UI component model concepts, than after the VCL/LCL/FireMonkey concepts.