Aimed to become the most accurate C64 Emulator.
a High-End Computer is strongly recommended.

The highly advanced successor of brotkaestchen (fr-051) from BeRo / farbrausch.

Currently micro64 has two different VIC II emulation modes (both are half-cycle exact): »single pixel dot clock exact« (very accurate, slow) and »dynamic pixel block-wise« (quite fast, even on slower machines). Normally you shouldn't notice any differences, except in demos with a lot of VIC II trickery. If your computer is fast enough you definitely should use the accurate mode.

→ Status: Still under heavy development! Due to constant nagging, we decided that it's time to prove that micro64 is not vaporware. Enjoy the current state pre-release. Test stuff. Report bugs. New builds will appear from time to time.

→ Feel free to check out the micro64 discussion google group and drop some feedback or get in contact with the developer. Next big thing on the list is a massive GUI rework, so come on and join in!


micro64.zip  1.00.2018.03.16 Build 719