You can find the BeRoTracker downloads here, until the new site will be up.

Note: Because Schism Tracker started a few years ago to use the CWT TrackerVersion ID 0x4000 (after a 0xf000 bitmask) for S3M and IT modules which originally BeRoTracker was using since 2004 for S3M modules (0x4100), BeRoTracker is now using a new CWT TrackerVerson ID 0x6000 for S3M "and" IT modules, which means from now on all saved S3M and IT modules will have the new CWT TrackerVersion ID.



The multicore support in BeRoTracker is enabled as default setting now, so the "-multicore" commandline parameter is replaced by the new "-nomulticore" commandline parameter for to disable the multicore support, if it is needed.

The FastSINC resampler routines are rewritten also now. The new FastSINC resampler routines have three sub modes:

  • No FIR lookup table interpolation (fastest, good for realtime usage)
  • 1D FIR lookup table interpolation (good for fast WAV export usage)
  • 2D FIR lookup table interpolation (good for finer WAV export usage, for an good and a lot of faster alternative to the non-fast LUT-less plain-bruteforce SINC resampler routines in BRT)

And the nearly whole audio engine is SSE*-SIMDizied now, instead only partially as before.


BeRoTracker has now bugfixed multicore support and automatic plugin delay compensation (APDC). For multicore support you must start BeRoTracker Classic or Impulse with the "-multicore" commandline parameter. And for plugin delay compensation you must start BeRoTracker Classic or Impulse with the "-pdc" commandline parameter. Of course, the plugin delay compensation stuff has also optional manual latency settings per modular operator, for cases where the automatic delay latency detection doesn't work in an acceptably way for you, for example, if a VST(i) plugin reports no or an incorrect InitialDelay value. And if you find any bugs at these new features, you can mail these to me at the e-mail address benjamin(a.t.)rosseaux(d*0*t)com .