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Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog, where I'll about software development, digital music production and demoscene stuff, and especially about Object Pascal topics.

Most of you probably already know me from my demoscene activity and from my projects and another work, which are partly to be found at YouTube, SoundCloud, GitHub, on my audio software website and on my primary website.

For all the others, I will briefly explain who I am. I'm programmer at Viprinet as a main job, apart from that I'm also a indie game programmer, hobby musician and demoscener under the handle BeRo in the demogroup Farbrausch.

I'm living in Mönchengladbach, Germany, I was born in 1985 and I have been programming since about 1992 or 1993. Beginning on the Schneider Amstrad CPC6128, later on the IBM PC, in various programming languages from A to Z. At least, I started programming in the elementary school in various programming languages and do it up to today. Over the years, I have … (read more)