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Mistaken my identity on Twitter and the resulting harassment outside Twitter

To those who actually want to follow @coder.sara on Instagram and/ior Twitter. I am not he/she, Twitter seems to misinterpret @coder.sara as @coder . So for the clarification: I have nothing to do with this crytocurrency scammer and nothing to do with crytocurrency in general as I myself am very critical of these. Twitter should fix the handle-parsing, so it doesn't interfere with points/dots (@coder.sara <=> @coder ). 

As a result, among others, a female person from Italy (according to her Twitter profile) contacted me by email, where she found the email maybe by reverse searching my Twitter handle. She seem to have lost money at a crypto scam. At least she is now insulting and threatening me (though I'm the wrong person and not the scammer), even still after I tried to enlighten her about the identity confusion due to Twitter's incompetence. But no chance, she apparently wants to report me at the police now. For my part, my own report has already been filed. 

I had really tried to clarify her friendly, but … (read more)